What is Comcast Business Mobile? Get the Best Data with 20 Lines Only with this Service

Comcast Business today announced that Comcast Business Mobile customers can now combine an unlimited and wide selection of shared data, up to a total of 20 lines per account. Comcast Business Mobile is designed to help small businesses be prepared for today and the future with flexible data options, his nationwide 5G coverage, millions of secure WiFi hotspots and huge savings. increase.

Now more than ever, small businesses are looking for ways to increase productivity and reduce costs. Comcast Business Mobile has the features small businesses need. This includes data options that allow companies to pay for the data their teams need, the freedom to change data options or add new lines as the team grows, and the most reliable 5G Includes cellular network strength and performance.

What is Comcast Business Mobile?

It’s also available exclusively to Comcast Business Internet subscribers to give them the value they deserve. Comcast Business Mobile offers customers more flexibility and significant savings opportunities with new data options of 20, 50 and 100 GB per month for up to 20 total channels.

Eligible businesses can save on mobile phone bills by switching to Comcast Business Mobile. Customers can calculate their pre-contract savings through the Comcast Business Mobile website and Savings Calculator.

Comcast Business Mobile gives customers the freedom to create the plan that best fits their needs. With multiple lines he can also combine two of her Comcast Business Mobile data options. Data options include:

  • Unlimited data
  • Great for employees who travel a lot, may not be in WiFi range, and need mobile data.
  • For 20 lines, it’s as low as $22 per line per month.
  • Perfect for teams in high Wi-Fi, low mobile usage locations such as offices and retail stores.

By the Gig data options include:

1GB = $15/month. 3GB = $30/month. 10G = $60/month. 20G = $120/month. 50G = $300/month. 100G = $500/month (shared data)

Comcast Business Mobile is compatible with the best mobile phones and tablets. Customers can choose from today’s most popular devices. Subscribers can also bring their own devices without purchasing the subscription required for cellular service.

 “Comcast Business Mobile combines best-in-class broadband service, the nation’s largest WiFi network, and strong MVNO partnerships to deliver a premium connected experience that exceeds customers’ high expectations,” said Comcast Business Mobile.

President Bill Stemper said. “The ability to scale up to 20 lines gives small businesses more flexibility than ever before to stay connected and maximize the value of their business and their employees.” Comcast Business Mobile is exclusive to Comcast Business Internet, he said. A business service area that is available to all his Comcast subscribers. 

Things to keep in mind if you want to attend Comcast Business Mobile

There are a few things buyers should be aware of if they want to participate in Comcast Business Mobile:

  • Do not accept this agreement until you have read it or if information is blank at the time of accepting this agreement.
  • You have the right to obtain a complete copy of this Agreement. Please save to protect your legal rights.

By law, you have the right to prepay the full amount due at any time. If you wish to pay the full amount in advance, we will inform you of the amount upon request. This Agreement is governed by state and federal laws and you, the purchaser, have rights under those laws.

Each owner of this consumer credit agreement is subject to all claims and defenses that the debtor may make against the seller of goods or services acquired under or pursuant to this agreement. will do. Debtor’s subsequent collections shall not exceed the amounts paid by the debtor.

This is a retail rental purchase agreement, not a rental agreement. It will not accept if it contains spaces. You have the right to obtain a copy of this Agreement. Please keep it to protect your rights. You can repay the full amount at any time.

Please read the entire agreement, including buyer notice terms before accepting. We have a limited return policy, https: //www.xfinity.com/mobile/support/article/returns-and-exchanges.

Federal law provides significant protections to military personnel and their dependents when granting consumer credit. In general, the cost of consumer loans to members of the Bundeswehr and their families should not exceed an effective annual interest rate of 36%. These rates must cover, as they apply to credit transactions or accounts.

Fees associated with credit insurance premiums; costs for additional products sold in connection with credit transactions; any application fees (other than certain application fees for certain transactions or credit accounts) and any participation fees for credit card accounts).

Example of how to schedule payments

Below is an example of how to schedule your payment:

  • First Device Payment: For each Device, your first payment will be due when the Device is shipped or fulfilled at our retail store.
  • Number of Payouts: 24
  • Monthly Payment Amount: [$XX.XX] Please note that all applicable taxes will be due at the time you place your order.
  • Monthly Payment Due Date: For each Device, after your first Device payment, payments will be due monthly, 20 days after your billing cycle date (see your Customer Agreement for billing cycle date details).
  • No Late Fees: No late fees will be assessed under the terms of this Installment Agreement, see Section 5 of this Installment Agreement for more information on Default.  
  • Prepayment: You can pay off all your debts under this Installment Agreement early without penalty.
  • Device Credits: You acknowledge that any device credits you receive in connection with your purchase of Devices will be applied to your monthly bill in the same amount during the term of this Installment Agreement.

You will no longer receive monthly device credit if you:

1. Prepay the remaining balance of this Installment Agreement prior to the expiration of the term of the Installment Agreement.

2. Cancel the Comcast Business Mobile line associated with your Device.

3. Fail to transfer your device mobile number and activate your Device within 30 days from the date of your purchase.

4. Your line is accidentally disconnected for any reason.

And finished our explanation about comcast business mobile. Are you interested in using this service to continue your business? Come on, share in the comments column!