Vonage Business App – and 10 The Best Reasons You Should Wear it

Most Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service providers bundle many features and tools into their service plans. Vonage Business Communications (VBC) is pursuing a different approach to presenting the vonage Business App.

It provides highlights and allows users to choose which tools to add to their package based on their business needs. With so many ways to customize your subscription, Vonage is the perfect business phone system for businesses interested in additional features. Read below to find out why we recommend this VoIP provider of his and how it compares to the competition. Why choose vonage Business App -ons?

Vonage Business App – and 10 Reasons You Should Wear it

In recent years, companies have pushed for unified communications and developed the best business phone systems. Many providers combine voice, video, and messaging services on a single platform, adding call queuing, call recording, and advanced features.

However, not all users and organisations need these supplements. Vonage Business Communications offers basic functionality with all subscriptions, including mobile-only versions. I’m glad Vonage recognises that some users only want a quick expansion of additional features.

Vonage business app has extensions, add-ons, plugins, and hardware available through your admin panel. Users can purchase premium calling features such as reception consoles and call queues based on their needs.

This solution is ideal for small businesses that need increased capacity during peak seasons of high call volume. Additional features and extensions can be added or removed by admins at any time, allowing the channel to be temporarily updated to meet demand. Vonage business app offers a level of flexibility rarely seen in this space, which makes him the top choice for companies looking to customise their phone system with add-ons.

10 Reasons Why You Should Use the Vonage Business App

1. Ease of use

Vonage’s user interface is very simple for both mobile and desktop applications. The crisp screen makes it easy to answer incoming calls or view voicemail. We also appreciate Browser Suite, a free add-on feature that works with Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Users access contacts, reports, and notes through a web page instead of opening an app. You can even start a call with one click.

However, landline features are not included in the base cellular plan, while Vonage business app competitors such as Ooma and Nextiva support landlines with all subscriptions. Similarly, mobile device users may experience higher data usage latencies than WLAN.

While there were no issues accessing the Phone System tools, investigations have shown that Android and iOS customers are reporting call quality issues and some features not working as expected. got it. 

Other providers work better for on-premises teams and businesses moving from landlines to VoIP. Check out our Ooma Office review to see why it’s the best business phone system for businesses that value ease of use.

2. Features

Vonage business app offers over 50 features for voice, video and messaging. As a unified communications service, users don’t have to switch applications or devices when changing channels or accessing devices. Here are the features that make this solution stand out and how it compares to its competitors.

3.Vonage addon

His other VoIP providers allow administrators to purchase toll-free numbers and bundled products, but few allow full customisation with call feature add-ons. I like that the Vonage business app cloud service has a variety of tools that can be purchased through the management portal.

These include user or corporate call recording, private or paperless toll-free fax lines, virtual mailboxes and conference bridges. It’s easy to add these features to your system, but you can also remove them if you no longer need them. Unlike other providers, Vonage allows you to create exactly the phone service you want and customise it to your needs.

4. Virtual AI assistant for VBC

Unlike Dialpad, which includes voice intelligence with every plan, Vonage offers a conversational AI assistant as an added feature. Analyse conversations using natural language understanding, machine learning, and natural language processing. A virtual AI assistant collects data on customer sentiment while ensuring each customer receives prompt support.

5. Mobile and desktop apps

Many business phone systems include mobile apps with subscriptions. Some have desktop apps or web browser portals. We love the layout of his Vonage business app and found it easy to access work inboxes and make calls. Mobile and desktop apps have similar functionality, so users get the same experience regardless of whether they’re using a desktop computer or a mobile device.

6. Call management

Like other his VoIP providers, Vonage offers tiered auto-answer at the mid-plan stage or as an add-on feature. This virtual receptionist helps you schedule one-off and recurring events, as well as custom configurations such as temporary closures, after hours, and lunch breaks. Users can configure call forwarding and visual his voicemail rules when using up to 5 devices on their cellular plan.  

7. Video conferencing

Even though Vonage business app Meetings falls behind Zoom, our top choice for video conferencing, it’s still a viable option for video calling. Depending on the service plan, users can host video conferences from mobile and desktop applications with up to 100 participants. We love that Vonage Meetings supports screen, whiteboard, and video recording sharing. For more video meeting tools, check out our Zoom Phone review.

8. Unlimited Team Messages

Most business phone systems offer unlimited team messaging. Vonage users can access online chat during video conferences or communicate via SMS/MMS via one-on-one or group team messaging services.

However, the platform lacks Nextiva’s threaded conversation tools and lags behind RingCentral’s flexible collaboration space. Explore more team-oriented solutions in our RingCentral review.

Business communication services such as Vonage require companies to register their phone number with a national registry before using SMS/MMS text messaging services to minimize spam. You can send SMS after completing this step.

9. Integration

Some competitors only provide integration on mid- or high-level plans, so we appreciate the Vonage App Center option included with the vendor’s base subscription. This marketplace can connect your VoIP system to more than 20 third party applications.

Vonage integrates with Microsoft Dynamics and Zendesk for free, while Salesforce costs $4.99 per user per month. The Premium plan supports CRM software integration, and tech-savvy businesses can use the Vonage API for dedicated connections.

10. Price

Vonage offers three business communications packages. All allow unlimited calling and include mobile and desktop apps. Prices range from $14.99 to $39.99, depending on the number of users and service plan. The basic subscription, Cellular, costs less than most VoIP providers, including RingCentral and GoTo Connect. Only Zoom has a cheaper option at $10 per user, but it doesn’t include unlimited calls.

And we have finished our explanation about the vonage business app. Interested in using it?