Udemy Business Program for Your Professional Development

People who are looking for a convenient and flexible way to improve their skills may consider Udemy Business as their starting point. Udemy is a relatively popular name in the online world, especially for those who want to learn various topics independently. With so many different programs and pricing plans, it’s so easy to get confused in its operation and implementation. So, let’s get down to the core concept, so you can decide which one would be suitable for your business.

Understanding More about Udemy Business

What’s Udemy, anyway? It’s an online platform focusing on learning and educational topics. Up until now, it has been one of the biggest (educational) platforms that have more than 62 million learners and 210,000 courses. With such a wide extensive option, it’s quite understandable if the platform has gained such an impressive reputation and popularity.

Udemy has ‘labeled’ itself as the marketplace for instruction and learning within the global scope. They offer not only one, but thousands, of courses that cover different subjects and topics. Independent instructors are the ones responsible for providing the sources and the access. Because it is running online, there are no geographical boundaries. Such an arrangement has made it possible for Udemy to get thousands, if not millions, of learners.

Udemy Business is the program designed for employees, really. The basic idea is to empower them with up to date and relevant knowledge. This program is for everyone, but it’s originally designed for those who want to improve their professional skills or thinking about switching careers.

Let’s say that you have been interested in learning coding while you are working in marketing. When you join the courses, you can learn everything about coding. In the end, you gain a new skill. You can think about switching to coding or making use of this new skill in the marketing sector. After all, there is no such thing as useless knowledge and skill.

It’s safe to say that Udemy (for) Business offers various courses that may focus on soft skills and also technical topics, like Marketing, Software Development, IT, Leadership, Programming, and others. The platform has its own NLB (National Library Board), which is accessible to its users. Simply access the NLB and you can enjoy up to 13,000 different courses. This program, however, is only available for users at least 13 years of age.

Udemy Business Program for Your Professional Development

What to Know about Udemy before Starting out

Before you finally decide that Udemy Business is the right one for you, there are some basic facts that you need to know first.

  • Platform for Everyone

Udemy is one of those MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) platforms that everyone can join. Users can take the courses so they can get the certification or simply learn new skills. Educators or creators can also join for free, posting their courses so users can improve their knowledge and skills.

  • The Certificate Isn’t Accredited

You will get a certificate once you finish one course. It can be used to show your credentials and abilities. However, keep in mind that the certificate isn’t accredited, meaning that it isn’t considered an official institution. It’s even possible that some employers don’t really know what Udemy is.

  • Limitless Skills to Explore

Because this platform is accessible to everyone in the world, there is no limit for the educators. They can post courses and materials in various subjects. If you want to learn about arts or music, or you are into technology and programming, the platform has it all. Feel free to explore around and find something that you really like and be interested in.

  • Affordable Education

If you think that education is always costly, you haven’t been to Udemy. This is a platform where you may only have to spend $20 for your favorite courses. Not to mention that the platform likes to offer huge discounts, especially for those who have subscribed or paid for the courses. Don’t be surprised if you find a course that only costs you $20, from the original price of almost $200. Yes, they like to offer such a huge discount.

  • Greater Flexibility and Versatility

This platform (including the programs and courses) is designed to help users wanting flexible schedule and learning mode. There is no such a thing as assignment deadlines. There are no enrollment periods either. You can learn whenever you want to and how you want to. You are able to complete exercises, download materials, listen and view lectures, have virtual notes, and even discuss the topics with other fellow students and your instructors. Because the program doesn’t have any time limit, you are free to complete the course at the pace that you are comfy with. No rush and no pressure!

Is Udemy for You?

People may have different opinions about something. Just because something feels right for you, it doesn’t mean that your friend has the same opinion. The same thing also applies for Udemy. Who is Udemy (and Udemy Business) for?

Udemy Business is perfect for those who want to learn new things and gain new skills. If you want to be able to learn various subjects without having to go elsewhere or join different platforms, then this e-learning platform would be right up your alley. With such limitless courses and diverse subjects, you can seriously learn tons of things on your own.

It’s also perfect for those wanting to have a new (professional) skill or a career change. Even if you are already happy with your career option, and yet you want to learn a new hobby, then this platform would be the perfect option.

Udemy isn’t only perfect for learners, but also educators. If you like sharing information or knowledge, or you like to create content and educational materials, Udemy would be a perfect spot for you. You can enjoy various perks by joining the platform. You get to share your knowledge. Plus, you will be financially rewarded. This also presents a good opportunity for those looking for extra money on the side with flexible manners, while keeping their main job intact.

As if it weren’t enough, you should know that this program is available for different learners. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, you should be able to find a subject, a topic, or a course that fits your ambition and skills. Udemy isn’t the only platform that offers such a unique learning method. If you check other platforms, such as Pluralsight, Skillshare, or Coursera, they are also offering the same concept. However, Udemy stands out amongst the others not only because it’s open to everyone, but it can also offer a diversity of courses and subjects.

So, basically, Udemy would be perfect for:

  • People wanting to have career change
  • People want to learn new skills through free courses
  • Professionals who want to learn new skills or improve their existing skills
  • Individuals who like to share knowledge and skills, or those wanting to have their own courses
  • Students who want to complement their learning and studies
  • International students interested in courses or subjects that aren’t only in English

Udemy Business vs Personal Plan

As it was mentioned before, Udemy offers various different programs. What is the basic difference between (Udemy) Personal Plan and Udemy Business? Well, for Personal Plan, the program is offered for those interested in individual courses. Moreover, the program is coming as a subscription program that is able to give you access to its courses (reaching 8,000 subjects) covering various subjects like business, tech, and others.

In the meantime, Udemy Business is for professionals or employees wanting to improve their professional skills. This program is offered in three plans:

  • Team Plan
  • Enterprise Plan
  • Leadership Development Programs  

Each of them is targeting different users or groups. Naturally, the price range will also be different from one plan to another.

  • Team Plan

This is a program for at least 5 users and 20 users, max. They will have access to different courses, up to 8,300 subjects. Designed as a program for small teams, the price range is pretty affordable. It starts from around $360 for each user for a yearly membership. If you go with this program, you can enjoy various features, like mobile app, URL, custom logo, adoption and analytics reports, and so much more.

  • Enterprise Plan

The program comes with customer-based pricing, which means that you can adjust it to your needs. This is a program for users above 21 years of age. You can have more access, up to 19,000 courses. Naturally, you can also enjoy more features, including custom topics, learning paths creation, advanced analytics and insights, user groups, custom URL and logo, and others. The specialty of this program is that you can ask for the demo, so you can find out whether it’s the right plan for you or not.

  • Leadership Development Programs

As the name suggests, this program focuses on leadership development topics and courses. You can find more than 68 courses and also executive contents (which are universities curate). You can also enjoy live synch events, coach participants, expert faculty guide, and others. You need to reach out to the contact sales if you want to learn about the price range.

Reasons why Udemy Business Is Worth the Spending

If you are still wondering whether joining Udemy Business is worth it, here are some reasons why you may like it.

  • Free Trial or Demo

The plans are offering free trial or free demo. It means that you can see whether the program is the one you seek or not. The trial mode gives you (and your business) the opportunity to test the water, to see whether the plans suit your needs.

  • Various Topic Range

Udemy Business is generally offering more than 22,000 courses. They are managed by topic areas and categories. Feel free to learn subjects like Leadership and Management, Office Productivity, Human Resources, IT Operations, Personal Development, and others. By simply providing your work email, you can even request (a full) course collection with pdf format. Quite a convenience, eh?

In the event you go with Enterprise Plan, you have the right to access international collection. The courses are available in 10 different languages. This would be ideal for business with global employees because the courses are provided and taught by native speakers. So, it’s very convenient and pleasant.

  • Best Expert Instructors

The instructors are the best professionals. They are bestselling authors, award winning professors, and subject matter experts. It means that you will only get the best learning quality and experience, considering that only top-quality instructors will be the one guiding you in your learning journey.

  • Analytics and Reports

The plans are covering reports and analytics as the part of the features. Such features, like user adoption, can provide learning journey visibility of the participants, even from the start. Moreover, you should be able to enjoy other interesting analytics, how many users have watched or enrolled in the courses, how many invitations are sent, and such things alike. The reports can provide clearer views and idea to the leaders so they can improve team engagement.

How Much Does It Cost?

The programs are offered in various price ranges. Some courses may start from as low as $12 and as high as $200. You basically make one payment type and you will get lifetime access. It means that you can still go back to the materials even after you have completed the course.

Does Udemy offer free courses? Yes, they have 600 free courses that you can access without spending a dime. However, you should remember that free courses may have limited coverage and limited features too. But then again, if you want to know whether you are into the subject or not, the free courses can be a great option.

If you choose the paid courses, you are entitled to a certificate. But again, the certification is only to show that you have completed the program. It’s not accredited, so don’t get your hopes high, hoping that employers will recognize the certificate.

Final Words

Udemy has set its reputation as one of the biggest online education platforms in the world. It offers various ranges of subjects and courses with different price tags too. Udemy for Business is one of the platform’s programs designed for professionals and employees. If you are a business owner or an employee looking for new skill opportunity, Udemy Business may present a promising outcome.