Is Udemy Enough to Get a Job? Your Chances of Getting Professional Work

People who want to join Udemy for the sake of job vacancy often wonder is Udemy enough to get a job. Well, there is no straight answer to this question, really. The online platform can help, but not in the way that you probably think of: by helping you find a job. That’s not how education in Udemy works, but you should know that taking the subjects in this platform can seriously help, but you need to know how to utilize it.

Is Udemy Enough to Get a Job? Getting the Facts Straight

If you think that Udemy will help you get a job, then the honest answer would be a no. When you join the platform, you simply take the subjects depending on your preferences and likes. Udemy WILL NOT post any job opening or vacant position on the platform so you can apply. They won’t refer you to any companies, organizations, or agencies either. They are an e-learning platform that provides educational materials online, NOT a job marketplace.

However, Udemy can help you improve your skills and abilities. Through the available collections of materials on various topics or subjects, you can take part in whatever course you like. You can do it to improve your existing abilities or to learn new skills. After all, skills are the key importance in today’s job marketplace.

Let’s say that you are working in a bank as a customer service, and you are interested in learning about accounting and finance. By taking the available courses in Udemy, you can add your knowledge and skills. Who knows? Maybe you can take the opportunity to work as an accountant when a vacant position is open. Or you probably are interested in a completely different subject than your current work, such as in coding. If you are confident enough in your new abilities and skills, you can apply for a new job in programming and coding.

Udemy is about making use of it so that you can increase your own qualifications and abilities. If you care about self-improvement, then Udemy can be a great starting spot. Moreover, the platform provides career-focused learning that is suitable for today’s modern world, like coding, illustration, cybersecurity, foreign languages, and others. The more skills and qualifications you have, the easier it is for you to land a job.

Is Udemy Enough to Get a Job? Your Chances of Getting Professional Work

Course Completion and Certificate

You should realize that joining Udemy’s courses doesn’t guarantee that you WILL always get a job, especially right away after you complete the course. However, Udemy can help you update your knowledge, improve your skills, and increase your knowledge. Not to mention that you can get the certificate after you complete the course. The certificate is shareable, meaning that you can show it off in your social media or in your job market accounts (like LinkedIn).

However, you should know that Udemy certificate isn’t formal. It’s not like a college degree certification or such thing alike. Udemy isn’t an accredited platform or institution, which means that the certificate isn’t accredited either. You can’t expect future (potential) employers to recognize your certificate and admit your qualification. The certificate only shows your accomplishment in completing the course.

Through the certificate, you can ‘only’ showcase your abilities. For instance, you have certificates in coding and in financial management, those who look into those certificates at least understand that you know something or two about those two subjects. But when it comes to whether you are truly qualified or not, you will need to prove it on your own.

Can You Get a Job?

Basically, getting a job after completing a course is possible, but the job doesn’t come as a ‘free’ gift. You need to put your own extra hard work to land a job. Udemy is helpful in providing you with the skills (and abilities) you want. You can also rely on the certificate, in a way that it can increase your resume to a higher level.

But if you want to make it work, go with courses related to professional career path, such as IT, language, programming, or leadership. Avoid taking hobbies-based courses, like dancing, yoga, or gardening. They are probably great for your own personal development, but not so much for your career advancement.

Udemy’s Role in Skills Improvement

Not all educational institutions have updated their curriculum. Many of them aren’t even able to provide the best courses (or tutors) that meet today’s educational requirements. When institutions with outdated info is responsible for teaching students or learners, you can imagine their qualifications and capabilities. In today’s modern industry that demands individuals able to provide fast-solving thoughts and adaptable skills in technology, people with outdated abilities would be left behind.

The truth is that most top institutions are the ones that are well prepared. They have developed systems (and programs) that can improve their students’ skills. They are basically preparing their students to be ready for the modern challenges, leading to handsome financial rewards.

This is what Udemy does: providing the needed program to help learners learn (or develop) job-ready skills. If you feel that your local institutions can’t really help you with your educational growth, then you can turn to Udemy for help.

How Udemy Helps You

You may not be able to know about job posting from Udemy. They may not be able to refer you to a company. However, there are other ways on how they can help you with your career.

  • Udemy helps you develop experience, knowledge, and skills.
  • The platform can help you strengthen your resume.
  • You can upgrade your skills through the courses.
  • You may get promotions, thanks to the skills improvement.
  • You can learn about the trending subjects or courses that are on demand.
  • The courses aren’t expensive and yet they help you reach new understanding or new skills.

Final Words of Is Udemy Enough to Get a Job?

Who says you need to spend a fortune to boost your knowledge and skills? Udemy may not be the job marketplace that can land you a job, but with the skills and abilities you get from their courses, you can be a new potential candidate for employers out there. If you are wondering is Udemy business enough to get a job, the answer would be: Udemy prepares you for whatever roles or responsibilities come your way. Now that your question about is Udemy enough to get a Job has been answered, now you can decide what professional course will you take.