Is Udemy Certificate Valid? What to Understand about the Certification

When you are about to join Udemy, you must be wondering, “Is Udemy certificate valid?” You’re not alone. Other hundreds, if not thousands, of learners have the same question when they want to join the e-learning platform, knowing that they can get the certificate after completion. The question is: Is the certificate valid? Will the certificate help when the participants apply for a job or get into a higher level of career?

Is Udemy Certificate Valid: Learning the Facts

When you enroll in Udemy’s programs, you are given the chance to learn various subjects and topics. Many of them may not be available elsewhere. Through the courses and classes offered by Udemy, not only you can enhance your knowledge, but you can also improve your skills. And the best part about it is that you can do it at your own convenience. The courses can be managed in a multitasking manner, meaning that you can even learn while doing something else, like working, managing your main job, and such things alike.

Besides the vast array of courses and options, Udemy also offers certification perk. It means that you can get a certificate once you complete your course. Keep in mind that the manner of the certification will be different from one course to another. For instance, one course may include certification in their fees, while another course may require you to pay extra if you want to get the certificate. That’s why it’s important to always read the course’s description before applying. Or if you have any questions and you think that the description is unclear, don’t hesitate to contact the administrator or instructor and ask for the detailed description.

The Importance of a Certificate

A (course) certificate acts as proof that the participant has completed the course. It’s because most courses only allow their participants to have the certificate after they have completed the program.  There are certain requirements in getting the certificate, and when those requirements aren’t met then the participants won’t be able to get the certificate.

The certificate is basically a ‘reward’ for the participants and their accomplishment. A certificate isn’t only about proof of completion, but also a sign that the participants have improved their skills. Online certificates somewhat have their own ‘weight’ as they act as concrete achievement’s evidence. They can help participants showcase their abilities and knowledge (especially for potential employers) and help them in getting scholarships or financial aid. Some people, however, only want something to be displayed on their walls or coffee table.

Is Udemy Certificate Valid? What to Understand about the Certification

Udemy deeply understands this kind of certification concept. The platform understands that different participants have different purposes when it comes to certification. So, they do provide certificates for those who need them. But then again, you need to understand the basic concept of Udemy’s certificate before signing up for the programs.

What to Know about Udemy Certificate?

Udemy Business claims that the certificate can be handy to show off your ability or mastery over a particular skill or a certain topic. You can also show it off to potential colleagues, clients, and employers. But let’s not forget that the certificate’s value relies on the course content’s relevance and quality, along with the instructor’s credibility and responsibility for producing the course.

In Udemy, participants must finish all the assignments, quizzes, and lectures. Once they have completed everything, then they can get the certificate. Simply download that (digital) certificate and feel free to print it. In this way, participants have solid proof that verifies their achievements and their success in completing the training course.  

Are the Udemy Certificated Valid?

By the meaning of valid, it means accredited. A lot of people are wondering whether Udemy certificates are accredited (recognized by other organizations or institutions). Unfortunately, Udemy isn’t accredited, which means that the certificates generated by the platform aren’t accredited. You can’t really expect that the certificates have the same weight or value as a degree.

However, some people say that some employers understand the certificates and their values. If they have heard about Udemy’s reputation, then they understand that the person (or the people) has completed the courses, meaning that they have potentially improved their skills and knowledge. That’s why some people would show off their certificates in their LinkedIn profiles or in their social media accounts, simply letting people know that they have such qualifications.

But then again, you are out of luck if the employers haven’t heard about Udemy. They can’t really have a clear idea about your qualification or achievement as the certificates won’t have any function for them.

How to Get the Udemy Certificate

Make sure that you have completed the course and met all the requirements (meaning that you have completed all the tasks, lectures, and quizzes). Go to Udemy course dashboard where you will see an icon: a trophy. It gives you a message. You need to click it to get your certificate.

Once clicked, the page will redirect you to the certificate page. You should be able to see all the details that are related to your course and the certificate. You should be able to see the download button, which you need to click to get the result. After you click it, there would be two available options related to the format. You need to choose whether you want to download it in pdf or jpg format. After you made the choice, voila! Your certificate is ready for downloading. After you have kept it in your system, you can print it anyway you like!

Your certificate will have its own number or code. You should be able to check it on Udemy’s website to see whether it’s legit or not. So, even if the certificate isn’t accredited, employers (or other people) can check it, so they know whether you have completed the said course or not.

Final Words

Udemy certificate isn’t accredited but considering that a lot of people have heard about the platform’s name and reputation, it’s safe to say that they can learn about your qualification and abilities. Don’t get your hopes high when it comes to the certificate’s value, but it can at least help when you want to attach it in your social media profile. Is Udemy certificate valid? The answer is no, but you know the real value after the fact.