Is Udemy Business Worth It? Finding out What to Gain from the Program

Is Udemy Business worth it? You may have asked yourself this question when you are thinking about joining the online e-learning platform. This is basically a normal (and pretty common) question considering that you will spend some money to take part in its programs. As one of the most popular online educational platforms, Udemy has an extensive and vast learning collections and libraries. The courses are available in various topics and subjects, allowing participants to choose the subject they like in a versatile manner.

Is Udemy Business Worth It? Understanding Udemy for Business Concept

Before you sign up for the program, keep in mind that Udemy for Business is different from the regular Udemy marketplace programs. As you can guess from the name, Udemy Business is designed for businesses and professionals. Companies or organizations often include their employees into the program, hoping that they will have improved skills and abilities by the time they complete it. After all, with a wide array of topics (especially related to business and technology), it seems logical that businesses want their employees to stay up to date.

Businesses must catch up with modern technological advancements so they will remain competitive. Standing out amongst the others is incredibly crucial. It’s no surprise that companies often include their staff into employee training programs, with the expectation that they can bring more productivity and positive output for the company. And Udemy Business is able to provide such a service through their subscription package or plan.

What to Expect from Udemy Business?

In general, Udemy Business is about the platform’s best-selling courses and programs, dedicated for employees training. Companies simply subscribe to the platform and their employees can join the intended courses. As an extra offer, the program also has another option where companies can safely host their own courses, making them available only for their employees training exclusively. With such a flexible option, companies and organizations can enjoy a protected system to improve their employees’ skill in manners that they are comfortable with.  

So, what can you learn in Udemy Business? Basically everything! There are topics that are related to cloud computing, human resources, content management system, workplace resources, leadership, marketing, office productivity, strategy, and so much more.

Is Udemy Business Worth It: Finding out What to Gain from the Program

Udemy Business for Professionals and Businesses

There are several different plans available for different groups and target learners.

  • Team. This is the program with the least participants or the smallest numbers of people within a group. Intended for employees from 5 to 20 people only, it has a ‘fixed’ rate of $360 for each user on a yearly manner.
  • Enterprise. This program is designed for bigger groups of people. The minimal participants should be 21 people, so it’s perfect for companies wanting their groups to learn various subjects. The price range depends on how many people are included in the training program. You will have to reach out to Udemy’s representative to discuss further rate and the possibility of discounts.

Besides these two plans, there is also a specialty Leadership Development program. It’s not exclusively included within the Business program because it’s meant to attract employees or businesses who want to know more about leadership. Just like the Enterprise plan, the price range depends on what features you want to get, the subject coverage, and others. You will have to talk to the representatives to have a further price discussion.

Getting Deeper into Each Plan

  • Team Plan

As it was stated before, this program is intended for smaller groups of people. Team members can enjoy more than 6,500 courses, but the features are pretty limited. For a starter, companies are required to deal with annual payment only. They can’t manage monthly subscriptions. Moreover, they won’t be able to create their own proprietary courses (and host them) within the platform for the sake of corporate training.

Once you pay for the plan, the team’s administrator is allowed to access the courses of the team’s interest. Feel free to choose any specific content too, for the team. Because of this feature, the administrator can customize the learning experience which can benefit not only themselves, but also the company. This program offers a free trial for 14 days, which can be beneficial for companies to see whether it suits their professional requirements.

But then again, when compared to the Enterprise Plan, the Team Plan may have limited features. The features are quite plentiful than the free service, but still…. if you expect sophisticated and advanced features, Team Plan may not be the perfect option for you.

  • Enterprise Plan

If you choose the Enterprise Plan, you can get more access to the materials and resources – up to 22,000 high quality courses. And unlike the Team Plan, companies are allowed to create their (proprietary) courses and host them within the platform. Unlike the Team Plan, this program offers free demo so companies can see whether the program would be ideal for them.

When compared to the Team Plan, this program offers more features. Not only teams can create learning paths, but they can also create user groups. The administrator can access the international collection or manage custom topics. The team can also get advanced analytics and insights, which can be handy to monitor each member’s progress and abilities. Moreover, if the companies want it, they can also have more add-ons which can be included within the program.

The Greater Advantages

Basically, employees, team members, and professional groups should be able to enjoy the greater benefits of the Business program. Whether they choose Team Plan or the Enterprise Plan, they should be able to boost their skills (and knowledge) with the available courses and materials.

Not to mention that all the materials are available in high quality contents. Plus, you are able to enjoy the flexibility of learning anytime and anywhere, as long as it’s available for you. If you are looking for a way to improve your employees’ skills and knowledge without having to spend a fortune, Udemy is able to provide what you need.


Make sure that you have completed your research. Check the reviews. Check the ratings. Review the available options. Only by doing so you can answer the question, is Udemy Business worth it or not.