Is It Easy to Sell on Udemy? The Logical and Reasonable Expectation

Is It Easy to Sell on Udemy? With so many learners are somewhat taking part in Udemy’s courses and classes, it’s quite reasonable when instructors or tutors start to wonder is it easy to sell on Udemy. What’s meant by easy is whether these instructors would be able to make a profit, or even a fortune, from their courses and content creations. You probably have heard some success stories of instructors who are able to make six or even seven-digit figures through Udemy. But are such stories real? And what is your prospect when you join the platform?

Is It Easy to Sell on Udemy? What to Expect from the Platform

If you have heard about Udemy, then you know that it’s one of those super popular e-learning platforms where learners can choose any subject they like and enjoy flexible learning on their own. The platform offers free as well as paid service. Of course, the free service has its own limitation where the paid service can give you more access, features, and perks.

With thousands, if not millions, of users, Udemy has become one of the biggest online educational platforms with a wide array of collections and libraries. You can basically find any subject that you want, from hobby-related subjects to professional-based courses.

Not only does Udemy business provides a learning platform for students and learners, but it also offers a professional opportunity for teachers, tutors, and educators. You can join the platform as an instructor. You can then create your course (based on your expertise), including the materials and other support tools. The more learners take your course, the more payment you can expect.

Is It Easy to Sell on Udemy? The Logical and Reasonable Expectation

The Real Facts

So, is it easy to sell your course on the Udemy platform? Yes and no. Yes, if you are a popular instructor already gaining your own popularity, name, and reputation. No, if you are a beginner who is a complete newbie in this industry.

You see, as you can see, Udemy has thousands of students with millions of sources and also thousands of instructors. Competition can be a bit rough. Imagine yourself amongst other thousands of professional, skilled, and expert instructors. The thought alone can be daunting and pretty discouraging. Not to mention that there are some niches or topics that are in high demand, such as programming or coding. Some, however, may not sell out quite well, and these niches can’t really generate a promising income.

So, imagine the situation that you have to put through. If you already gained a popular name and a positive reputation, it would be so easy for your courses to attract learners. But if you are a beginner or basically a nobody, you will have to struggle to make learners take an interest in your course. If you are willing to work extra hard, it’s possible that you can pull it off and finally get that six-digit figure that you have always wanted.

Until then, it’s better to stay realistic to the real fact. Sure, Udemy is great for those who are looking for a side job or simply spend their free time doing something positive or helpful. But if you are ambitious enough to get that extra high earning, you may have to work extra hard to make it happen. Thus, selling on Udemy may not be so easy, after all.  

How to Sell out Easily

First of all, you want to be a popular instructor so you can sell your courses more easily. It may take time to ‘conquer’ the platform, but it’s not impossible. There are some helpful tips to make your courses and niches stand out among the others.

  • Compelling Niche

You will have to struggle as a beginner, considering that there are already thousands of competitors way ahead of you. That’s why you need to create your own ‘market’- a targeted audience who is interested in your skills and experience. Focus on a niche, and then the sub-niche, and then work on creating a premium and high-quality course.  For instance, if you target ‘Business Basic’ as your niche, you will have to compete against other thousands of courses already available out there. However, if you can target sub-niches like “Demand and Supply”, you create not only a more focused topic, but you can be sure that it’s less competitive.

  • Make Use of the Insight Tool

Udemy has their own Marketplace Insight Tool that is accessible only by the instructors. It’s designed to help instructors find potential (course) ideas as well as helping with other crucial data, such as target keywords, competition, potential earning, and others. Let’s say that you are an expert in Business Communication, and you are thinking about creating a course on it. Simply type it in the tool and you will get the report in detail.

You can see the demand (whether it’s high or low), the number of courses, the possible monthly revenue on a monthly basis, and the top monthly revenue. If demand is high, it means that many participants are interested in learning the topics. However, if the course number is high, it means that you will have to compete hard with others. If it’s low, then you will have a good chance to earn higher.

Basically, the higher the demand and the lower the available course is, the bigger your chances of getting a high income. Competition will be low, meaning that you hit a sweet spot for lucrative earnings. However, if it’s vice versa (the demand is low with high course availability), then you can’t really expect high earnings. Your income may be so-so, even low.

  • Advertise Yourself

The biggest revenue will come from your referral link or discount code, not from the marketplace. You can check Udemy’s terms and conditions to understand how the payment scheme is laid out. Basically, if you can advertise yourself, making people interested in joining your course through your link, you will get high payment.

  • Find Gaps and Fill Them in

Competing against other thousands of already existing subjects will be difficult. It would be best if you could find gaps and fill them. It means that you should find a topic or subject that no one else has covered and focus on developing the content materials.

Conclusive End

It basically depends on your creativity and skills to come up with not only the right niche, but also with quality content. This platform can be great for those looking for a side job, but if you are focused on earning high, you need to work the extra mile. So, you can answer the question is it easy to sell on Udemy and understand the basic fact.