How Much is Comcast Business Internet? Best Price 2023

When launching a startup, the core team needs to stay connected, whether they’re together in the office or working remotely. Comcast Business Internet includes features such as Ethernet-only Internet and Security Edge that greatly benefit the office environment.

Remote teams can also take advantage of Comcast business internet with a business mobile plan. This capability is considered particularly important for startups in today’s hybrid/remote work environment.

How Much is Comcast Business Internet?

I also like that Comcast Business Internet allows for a custom splash page for WiFi access to reinforce the startup’s brand for guests and employees alike. As a startup, it’s important to build your brand and create a sense of continuity.

A custom splash page provides another opportunity to do just that. Whether your business is classified as a small business or you are looking for an Internet plan that can grow with you, you can take advantage of all the business features of Comcast Business Internet.

Comcast Business Internet Settings

Depending on where you live, it may take 3-5 days to set up Comcast Internet after purchasing a plan. Customers can schedule an appointment with a service professional or be put on the waitlist for an earlier installation date.

If a customer chooses to include business Wi-Fi in their business internet package, they have the option to set up and install the Comcast Business Wireless Gateway themselves.

The customer must rent his Comcast Business Internet router dedicated for Internet related services such as SecurityEdge and Business Voice unless the current modem is deemed compatible with these services.

Installation is included in the Internet package, but there is an additional charge of $19.95 per month if required. Like Business Wi-Fi, Comcast’s Business website also has do-it-yourself setup instructions if you install the device yourself.

Comcast Business Internet Customer Service

Comcast Business Internet provides 24/7 customer service to customers by phone at (855) 319-0103 or by e-mail via a form on our website. Some of the other business ISPs we reviewed did not have support, so 24/7 support access was a big plus for us. Customers can also use online chat to contact representatives for all general Internet business inquiries.

Comcast Business Internet Disadvantages

Comcast’s fiber optic network is nationwide, but its availability remains relatively limited compared to cable and satellite Internet. For customers in rural areas or areas his Comcast doesn’t cover, consider Viasat testing for more popular ISPs.

I also found Comcast’s gigabit internet plans to be expensive compared to other ISPs that offer packages at roughly the same speeds. Fiber optic internet is generally more expensive than cable or satellite internet, but Comcast’s prices still seem exorbitant for gigabit speeds.

If your business requires large data transfers or other services that rely heavily on symmetrical download speeds, you should consider the cost of your plan in addition to other costs such as equipment and add-ons.

Dynamic IP address and static IP address

Each Comcast Business plan comes with a dynamic IP address. For businesses that need to stay connected, Comcast Business can change IP addresses as needed. But I also like that business users can add static IP addresses.

Static IP addresses offer advantages over dynamic IP addresses for businesses that need a central location to host their Web sites or need to provide remote network services to their employees. So I love that Comcast can offer this to their business customers.

Business Cellular Package

The Comcast Business Mobile plan provides Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service in addition to the customer’s business Internet package. A cellular plan can support voice calls across a variety of hardware devices at work or on the go.

Other features include easy-to-read voicemail and unlimited local calls. Comcast’s mobile plans have proven especially useful for startups with team members who regularly travel to sell or attract investors.

To make his VoIP experience more dedicated, Comcast Business VoiceEdge offers a cloud-hosted solution that scales with your enterprise. VoiceEdge enables small businesses to connect via audio conferencing in addition to basic and mobility features. This is considered ideal for companies with a hybrid working model.

Comcast Business Internet Rates

Comcast Business internet rates range from $69.99/month for the Essential Plan to $349.99/month for the Gigabit Plan. Here’s the full list:  

Essential Internet Business 50 Mbps: $69.99 per month

Business Internet Standard 100 Mbps: $109.99 to $124.99 per month

Business Internet Performance 250 Mbps: $134.99 to $149.99 per month

Advanced Internet Business 500 Mbps: $164.99 to $179.99 per month

Business Internet Premium 750 Mbps: $234.99 to $249.99 per month

Gigabit Business Internet 1.25 Gbps: $334.99 to $349.99 per month

This price reflects the monthly payments for the first 12 months of the agreement (excluding the first month), after which the price increases for the remainder of the contract.

There are also discounts for customers who sign up for AutoPay and paperless billing, and each plan comes with Comcast’s Business SecurityEdge internet connection. Note that these prices do not include installation fees and Comcast business equipment costs.

Comcast Business Internet Reviews

Ethernet Dedicated Internet helps small businesses stay afloat by providing their own private connection.

Stay online and master business operations with 4G LTE wireless backup in the event of a business outage.

All internet plans come with SecurityEdge to help keep business connections secure.

This review is for small business owners who are considering Comcast as their business internet provider.

Startups need to manage a lot, from finding funding to hiring staff to launching their brand. When it comes to choosing an internet business, startups need an easy, cost-effective plan that offers the core features their team needs to get started the right way.

Comcast Business Internet does just that, helping new entrepreneurs start their business journey off strong. With fast internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps and 4G LTE wireless connectivity, business customers can focus on growing their business and outsource internet connectivity to Comcast.

And finished our explanation about comcast business internet. Hopefully the information we provide is useful. See you in the next article.